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Thailand, formally the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia. To its east lie Laos and Cambodia; to its south, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia; and to its west, the Andaman Sea and Myanmar. Its capital and largest city is Bangkok.. The country's official name was Siam Sayam origin unknown) until June 24, 1939.It was again called Siam between 1945 and May 11, 1949, when it was once more changed by official proclamation. The word Thai is derived from the word Thai meaning "freedom" in the Thai language and is also the name of the majority ethnic group . The region known today as Thailand has been inhabited by human beings since the paleolithic period (about 500,000 - 10,000 years ago). Due to its geographical location, Thai culture has always been greatly influenced by India and China as well as the neighboring cultures of Southeast Asia. However, the first Thai or Siamese state is traditionally considered to be the Buddhist kingdom of Sukhothai, which was founded in 1238, followed by the decline and fall of the Khmer empire in the 13th - 15th century AD.. A century later, Sukhothai's power was overshadowed by the larger Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya, established in the mid-14th century. After the sack of Angkor by the Siamese armies in 1431, much of the Khmer court and its Hindu customs were brought to Ayuthaya, and Khmer customs and rituals were adopted into the courtly culture of Siam. After Ayuthaya fell in 1767 to the Burmese, Thonburi was the capital of Thailand for a brief period under King Taksin the Great. The current (Ratthanakosin) era of Thai history began in 1782 following the establishment of Bangkok as capital of the Chakri dynasty under King Rama I the Great.. European powers began travelling to Thailand in the 16th century. Despite European pressure, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been colonised by a European country. The two main reasons for this is that Thailand had a long succession of very able rulers in the 1800s and that it was able to exploit the rivalry and tension between the French and the British. As a result, the country remained as a buffer state between parts of Southeast Asia that were colonised by the two European colonial powers. Despite this, Western influence led to many reforms in the 19th century and major concessions to British trading interests. This included the loss of the three predominantly ethnic Malay southern provinces, which later became Malaysia's three northern states. However, another ethnic Malay province named Pattani, now subdivided further into four smaller districts, has remained as Siamese territory to this day. In 1932, a bloodless revolution resulted in a new constitutional monarchy. During the war, Thailand was allied with Japan. Yet after the war, it became an ally of the United States. Thailand then went through a series of coups d'état, but eventually progressed towards democracy in the 1980s. In 1997, Thailand was hit with the Asian financial crisis and the Thai baht for a short time peaked at 56 baht to the U.S. dollar compared to about 25 baht to the dollar before 1997. Since then the baht has regained most of its strength and as of May 23, 2007, is valued at 33 baht to the US dollar. The official calendar in Thailand is based on Eastern version of the Buddhist Era, which is 543 years ahead of the Gregorian (western) calendar. For example, the year AD 2007 is called 2550 BE in Thailand. The 1997 Constitution was the first constitution to be drafted by popularly-elected Constitutional Drafting Assembly, and was popularly called the "People's Constitution". The 1997 Constitution created a bicameral legislature consisting of a 500-seat House of Representatives (sapha phutan ratsadon) and a 200-seat Senate (wuthisapha). For the first time in Thai history, both houses were directly elected. Many human rights are explicitly acknowledged, and measures were established to increase the stability of elected governments. The House was elected by the first-past-the-post system, where only one candidate with a simple majority could be elected in one constituency. The Senate was elected based on the province system, where one province can return more than one Senator depending on its population size. Members of the House of Representatives served four-year terms, while Senators served six-year terms. The court system (saan) included a constitutional court with jurisdiction over the constitutionality of parliamentary acts, royal decrees, and political matters. The January 2001 general election, the first elections under the 1997 Constitution, were called the most open, corruption-free election in Thai history.The subsequent government was the first in Thai history to complete a 4-year term. The 2005 election had the highest voter turnout in Thai history and was noted for a marked reduction in vote-buying compared to previous elections.  In early 2006, significant pressure from corruption allegations led Thaksin Shinawatra to call for a snap election. The opposition boycotted the elections and Thaksin was re-elected. Pressure continued to build, leading to a military coup on 19 September 2006. 2006 Thai coup d'état . A military junta overthrew the elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra on 19 September 2006. The junta abrogated the constitution, dissolved Parliament and the Constitutional Court, detained and later removed several members of the government, declared martial law, and appointed one of the King's Privy Councillors, General Surayud Chulanont, as Prime Minister. The junta later wrote a highly abbreviated interim constitution and appointed a panel to draft a permanent constitution. The junta also appointed a 250-member legislature, called by one critic a "chamber of generals". The head of the junta was allowed to remove the Prime Minister at any time. The legislature was not allowed to hold a vote of confidence against the Cabinet and the public was not allowed to file comments on bills. Martial law was partially revoked in January 2007. The junta continues to censor the media and was accused of several other human rights violations. (our thailand forum members posted  details and pics as it happened live!) The ban on political activities was lifted in July 2007, following the May 30 dissolution of the Thai Rak Thai party. The new constitution has been approved by a referendum on August 19, which will lead to a return to democratic elections in December. Thailand remains an active member of the regional Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  ASEAN.  Subdivisions of Thailand. Thailand is divided into 75 provinces (changwat), which are gathered into 5 groups of provinces by location. There are also 2 special governed districts: the capital Bangkok (Krung Thep Maha Nakhon) and Pattaya, of which Bangkok is at provincial level and thus often counted as a 76th province. Each province is divided into smaller districts. As of 2000 there are 877 districts (amphoe) and the 50 districts of Bangkok (khet). Some parts of the provinces bordering Bangkok are also referred to as Greater Bangkok ( pari monthon). These provinces include Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, Nakhon Pathom and Samut Sakhon. The name of each province's capital city ( mueang) is the same as that of the province: for example, the capital of Chiang Mai province (changwat Chiang Mai) is Mueang Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai.





THAILAND has a thriving Gay  bar scene, which attracts tourists from all over the world. In Bangkok, the Gay bars are concentrated along Silom Soi 2 and Soi 4, with Soi 2 being considered 'more Gay'.


 Slightly seedier bars can be found off Surawong Road, along Soi Anuman Rachathon and Soi Tawan. More Gay  bars can be found sprinkled along Sukhumvit road. 

Gay facilities in Bangkok include hotels/guest houses and apartments, bars and pubs, discos, karaoke, cabaret, restaurants, saunas, commercial bars (go-go and host bars), and commercial sauna/massage places. There are also a number of Gay Thai escort services.




Pattaya is THAILAND's main beach resort town, about 2 hours drive southeast of Bangkok on the Gulf of THAILAND, and one & half hours from the beautiful new International Airport.

It is a big, bustling town with tourists and resident ex-pats from all over the world. 


It has an almost exclusively commercial Gay scene, centered mainly around "Boyztown", Soi Day and Night, and Sunee Plaza, with the latter seeing frequent openings and closures of the many sleazy Gay go-go and host bars found there. ( see forum)

There are many Gay friendly hotels that will make you feel welcome.




Imagine a place that offers something for everyone ... whether you are young or old.  Journeying alone, with friends or as a family.  Wanting an action-packed holiday or something a little more relaxed. 


 Travelling on any budget.

Add to this, a lush tropical climate, an ancient, unique culture, unbeatable value for money, stunning scenery and the friendliest people in the world. 
The ultimate destination

Find out about popular Thaialnd tourists spots here and also inside the forum where members post details about their favourite places of  THAILAND in the tourist spot forums.


THAILAND Tourist Forum




Relax surrounded by naked and semi clad cute Thai guys in the steam rooms, ease your aches & pains in a jacuzzi all topped off by a sexy relaxing massage from the Thai boy of your choice, The men of THAILAND are among the best masseurs in the world.

Many train at temples under the instruction of monks then go on to the Gay scene to take care of your every need.

If you want an oil or cream massage - a four hands massge rub down ( 2 boys) its all available in the saunas spas and massage parlours of bangkok, Pattaya & other citiies.

The most famous 2 sauna saunas in THAILAND are Babylon Bangkok & Sansuk Pattaya

Thai Gay Massage Basics- an ancient art of body therapy for healing, health, and transformation

Thai Gay Massage is an interactive manipulation of the body using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines. These movements help to ( masseur listings in the forum).

  • adjust the skeletal structure
  • increase flexibility
  • relieve muscular and joint tension
  • stimulate internal organs
  • balance the body's energy system

The effect is uniquely relaxing as well as energizing. Receiving a Thai massage is a bit like doing yoga without putting forth any effort while also getting acupressure treatments!

Sessions typically last two hours, and are performed on a floor mat with the client dressed in comfortable loose clothing. Thai Gay Massage uses two primary procedures - applying gentle pressure with the hands and feet, and a wide variety of passive stretching movements



The main Gay Thai escort scene is at Silom Soi 2. with near area-Suriwong and Patpong. with Silom Soi 2 being the main focus for the escort crowd and Silom Soi 4 popular with the more relaxed bar crowd. Soi 4 also has many other non-Gay escort bars, but its atmosphere is very friendly. 


The commercial Gay go-go bars are more concentrated in Patpong and Suriwong. Most of the Gay go-go bars feature as sexy as go-go escort dancing.  


There are also Gay escort bars, commercial venues and saunas along Sukhumvit and in other areas, and the Saphan Kwai area has many escort venues that are more popular with local Thais. 


Most of the Gay bars in these areas are lounge/host bars, often with karaoke, but some also have go-go and even shows. These areas tend to be quieter and the bars smaller, but many people consider these bars make a nice change from the high-pressure Gay escort rent boy  scene around Patpong and Suriwong



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Find out more inside our Gay Thailand Forum.